Monday, September 13, 2010

Zombie bear

As a professional artist, you go through a lot of projects that seem promising but eventually fall apart for any number of reasons (money, egos, money, time, personal, money, legal, or money). I've always wanted to do a western. Here's something I did as part of a pitch with a few other friends. Ah well, it woulda been good...

Sky Boy strip

All but one of the strips for our Strips book has been completed. Here's one of Ashton's five strips:

Josh's new comic

A sneak peek. This is a rough of pg.2:

Friday, September 10, 2010

B.R.C.S. J.L.U. J.A.M.

Here's the list for the Justice League poster.
ann-black canary, ashton-superman, brian- martian manhunter, chris- green lantern, erik- hawkman, jeff hay- plasticman, jeff hingle- the atom, josh- the flash, kevin- aquaman, robert- green arrow, sandra- wonder woman, sara- zatanna, shane- batman.
Remember to make these full-body, action shots, (flying, running, jumping, etc.) I'll color them later unless someone else wants to give it a shot.
Send themm to me by the end of the month so I can put them together for next month's meeting.

Workshop Jam

A jam page from August's meeting. Can you guess who did what?

Red Stick poster design

After dozens of crumpled sketches, I created this... Poseidon vs The Oil monster.
I submitted the thumbnail thinking it might be a long shot to please the festival folk and pass approval. A week passed, no word. I continued to work on other projects while thinking...maybe they can't decide how to tell me they can't stand my much more energetic and action based theme compared to last year's very successful cute jazz frogs and pretty girl theme. As it turns out, the festival folks have been having loads of e-mail troubles for a few weeks and never got my art. When they got it I got approval to go with this theme and now I'm looking forward to working on the poster more than any piece I've dedicated myself to in a very long time. Some inks coming next week. Stay tuned.